We have decided to sell this website (including jerk4ass.com domain + the script on this site + compilation video maker script + jerk pic maker script + Three months free support) along with our pornhub profile.

Please read the following explanations first and if you have any questions, contact us through the [email protected]

Jerk4ass Introduction

The idea of ​​creating this website came when we saw these comments under compilations porn videos.

We noticed that many people who are interested in this type of porn always find a certain part of the movie or a certain character and they like to see more videos of actors/actresses or watch the full video related to that specific part. As a result, we decided to create a website that, in addition to producing compilation videos, stores all the parts used in the film under the video so that the user can easily find the original video.Therefore, the jerk4ass website started its work with this section, that is, “compilation porn videos”, to make sure if this idea works.

When we were launching jerk4ass, We made our first compilation porn video and published it on Pornhub:

When the website got ready, we uploaded the video we had published before on PornHub on our site as well as listing all the scenes used in it below the video:

So, when users play the video on the site, they can select any desired scene from the showing list, and by opening it, see the information shown in the given picture below 👇🏻:

Although, The main idea was a good one, we needed to make a lot of videos. making compilations videos is not easy at all. Especially if you want to match them with an intended song. So , we decided to design a simple drag and drop web-based platform for creating compilations from the porn videos available on the hqporner.com:

As a brief explanation of how this video maker works, we must say that the mentioned software can create any kind of films you want just by fetching, trimming and mixing hqporner.com’s videos. To do that you just need to follow the steps below:

1.copy the video category

2. Paste it in the software

 3.click the EXTRACT button.

As a result all the videos related to that particular category will be displayed to you in the form of a list. If you click the PLAY button, the software will show you 120 frames from the beginning of the video.  By clicking on the “load more frames” option, you can watch the next 120 frames and you can do this until the end of the video. In the next step, it’s easy to select the desired scene and trim that part by clicking on the beginning and end frames of the scene.

Next, drag and drop it on the right side of the software.similarly, separate other scenes from other videos and move them to the right. In the last step, you can change the order of the scenes by dragging and dropping and click on the “Play Demo” option to see the output of the created video.


With this software, we were able to produce the following videos :


While we were developing this section, we realized that using this method alone would take a lot of time to get a significant number of visitors to the site, so we decided to develop our website by adding other sections  to attract all kinds of users with different tastes.

so we did the same thing and added all the features bellow:


1.jerk time

In jerktime, we have used the best pornhub videos and displayed them in iframe format. Since the display of iframe alone had no effect on the site’s SEO, We developed a section that automatically extracts the texts according to the time of the video category and Pornhub users’ comments and publishes it as jerktime post content.In this section, the only thing a webmaster has to do is to select the desired videos from Porn Hub, Copy the video and paste it into the jerktime script. Text / title / index image / video and other parts are automatically extracted by the software.


2.jerk pics

The advantage of this section is that before watching a porn video from the beginning to the end, it allows users to see only parts of it first in the form of pictures, and if they like it, they can watch the video in full. As a result, this section produces a pile of photos from each video and displays them as an album.

Just the same as the other part, we developed a software for this section. You just need to choose a video from hqporner and put its URL link on the software’s input. the software will make different frames from the beginning to the end of that video. then just select the images you intend to show in your album and publish them on the site.


This section allows users to upload pictures and create image albums. The illustrations below show the different parts of this script. This section has not been advertised at all, but it was warmly welcomed by users due to its ease of use. Users who have create albums in this section and whose albums get the most points are selected as the “jerk king”.

And in the user profile section they have these features for creating and managing collections :

4.jerk Chat

This section is designed for users to interact with each other. To be able to send message,Users must register. In this chat, users can delete/edit their messages and reply to other users’ messages.

in the “members list” section of the chat, users can also follow or unfollow others and sort them based on date. They can also send each other private messages.

5.jerk shoutbox

This section is similar to jerkchat, except that users are free to send any content anonymously without logging in. The main advantage of shoutbox is that all the images sent here are from external sources and do not occupy server space, and this program only stores and displays the last 200 messages. Sending images in this chat is integrated with the Postimages platform and allows users to share their images from their own computer or smart phone in. In fact, postimages is a storage space for users’ images. Users can also like or dislike each other’s shared photos.

our pornhub profile

you can visit our Pornhub Profile Here : https://www.pornhub.com/model/jerk4ass

#our video list on pornhub


search console and google analytics


what is the reason behind the decision to sell everything we made?

If you look at Google and Exoclick statistics, You will notice that the statistics have decreased in the last 2 months. This site was established by me as the programmer and one of my friends who was responsible for content preparation and management. Everything was going well until two months ago my friend went faced some personal problems that ended in lack of time for content management. I don’t have much time to do his work either. On top of that, I’m just a programmer and I’m not interested in porn at all. As a result, we decided to sell the site at this stage. Because the management of this site requires a team and it can not be handled by a person alone.

I must say that even though it has not been long since the site was launched,we have come a long way and so far the name of this site has remained in the minds of many people. It just needs to keep adding content and a simple advertisement to start printing money for you. If an expert in this field looks at these statistics, he will tell you that this is a business that is completely ready to start making money.

if you need more info you can contact us and ask for anydesk to check everything!

How much it worth?


for jerk4ass.com domain + the script on this site + pornhub profile + compilation video maker script + jerk pic maker script + Three months free support

How you can reach us?

[email protected]

If you have read the above information and need specific explanations or have any questions, feel free to email us whenever you like. We will respond as soon as possible.