a good performance of LeoLulu in LeoLulu x Mini Diva PART 1 – Intimate First Meeting

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THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!! We are very happy to finally share with you this video!! This is our first meeting with the gorgeous Mini Diva, a very intimate video as you can see. It was a very intense moment for the three of us and we really hope that you’ll love what came out Please don’t forget to LIKE the video! And tell us in the comments what you think

Invite minidiva partner and one cameraman and make a perfect 4some and change ur partner with together

Putain déjà qu’ils sont le couple le plus sexy du porngame et qu’ils gagnent leur vie en étant beaux et en baisant comme des fous, en plus leur taf leur permet de baiser avec les meufs parmi les plus hot du monde entre Rae Lil Black et MinaDiva, vous avez trop de chance ! Vous avez une vie de rêve c’est xD

I have a brand new attitude and I’m wearing it well. I am no longer the conservative girl everyone used to know. It’s time I enjoyed life and enjoyed SEX. There isn’t anything sexier than a man knowing what he wants and doesn’t hesitate in getting it

I’m a cute girl that wants to meet a cool guy to hang out with and of we hit it off see where it goes. If everything’s good lets meet up and see what happens. I’m down for whatever.

Hello guys My name is Amber. I’m very sexual girl. I’ve been told that I’m very attractive woman who is very classy whether in a pair of jeans or an evening dress. I know how to dress sexy for every occasion. Woman who have killer curves need to know how to work them. What I want from you is nothing more than for you to want me. I will win your cock first, your mind second.

the first and not the last meeting I guess… i would love to see more from you 3 !!! thanks for the awesome video!!

And ofcourse your the MVP for letting him do that !!! I want to meet a girl like yall !!! Opem relationship!!!!

Thank you very much for your hospitality guys! It was a real pleasure to meet you. Vibes were awesome, you are awesome. Video is awesome, lots of love to you! x x x

Oml porhub comments are so wholesome wait I love this thank you so much lol this is so good

But does Diva’s boyfriend allow her to fuck leo?? Or she haven’t boyfriend??
Anyway waiting for the rest.

@CookieMonstrrr “Allow her”? If she has a boyfriend, I’m very sure MD does not need his allowance to have fun with another girl. As far as I can see she’s a human being and can decide herself, without the need of any guys allow or deny what she wanna do.

This must be one of the most sensual and intimate looking videos I’ve seen. The camera and look of the film is so amazing. It remembers me of those old 60/70’s handcamera looks. A perfect fit for the mood here. I loved it and couldn’t skip a second just because it was so good. I’m not even that much a fan of girl-on-girl action but you three made me watch and leave me wanting more. Hope you will be able to get this film look somehow through the whole experience one day. Great work of art here.

Chicos realmente son increíbles! Espero algún día conocerlos, me ponen muy húmeda cuando los veo

The video is super AMAZING, I LOVE MINI DIVA, and see her with you guys. Its incredible.

Don’t anyone notice that the girl in the video with white pants is not so called Leolulu? Cause you click in the home page of Leolulu it’s totally different person! Who is this girl with white pants in this video?

Bro /your the fucking man !!!! Having both them Angel’s/ sucking your cock !!!! Your my heroe !!!‍‍

У неё же парень есть с которым она снимает, а ебётся с твоим?

Is there any way to see how they look? I feel more excited when I have their faces

VERY good video I have nothing to criticize but I am very envious you had a mini diva in your bed

Please make other video with minidiva, bit this time bring other guy to fuck her too

Qu’est-ce que je donnerais pas pour être à la place de Lulu, a la meuf la mieux foutu de pornhub, se tape des plan à 3 avec sa meuf et Mini Diva, la 2eme meuf la mieux foutue de pornhub

I’m in love!!!!! Amazing work to all three but hey next time invite me I’ll hold the camera so he doesnt have to try and hold out

such a sick trac! and a super cute homemade camera style. y’all ‘re awesome and thanks for sharing

Your certifications is a couple and if you join the third party,it hurts your fans .no wonder your ranking goes down

This is better than ANY “professional” porn. LOVE makes the world go round. Nothing else but this LOVE matters. These people ACTUALLY LIKE EACH OTHER.

Vraiment bon de pouvoir avoir un orgasme sexuel comme auditif
(Vraiment need d’avoir les chansons utilisées en description ahaha)
Sinon bon boulot, c’et magnifique !

this is so boring, no face reveal at all. I’d rather have a blurred vagina than no face reveal. so boring

Wow, what a powerful beautiful dick, I like sucking cock’s so much that I want to suck all the cocks of the world, and I also won’t refuse to lick pussies

You have a great potential at your hands, 2 beautiful chicks with top notch bodies. Just a shame the dude did not get to fuck both of yous, that would be trully phenomenal.

I don’t think I’ve seen a better shot scene on porn before than the beginning part of it. It was great and props to the editor but most importantly the girls were fine as hell

Wow, you two girls match really well, very passionate! I love how tenderly you girls kiss and touch each other, the two girl blow job is just amazing! Please ignore those who complain, more of this is highly appreciated, especially with Mini Diva

You guys are awesome, we’ve watched since the start.
You inspired us to do our own videos

A 15×15″ translucent frosted glass, hung to the ceiling. And a little mermaid holding a magical mirror against it.

Loved the parts where you held leo’s hair to the back like a ponytail, damn that’s hot

Thank you, Universe, for this video; Thank you Mini Diva, Thank you LeoLulu, thank you thank you thank you ^^

This should be a template for how to make porn videos! This video is simply never ending hard on

Votre “cousin” du Québec est vraiment ébloui a chaque fois ! Je vous suis depuis les Cam Live il y a quelques années

Je suis choqué ( dans le bon sens du terme ) par vos prestations !
j’aimerai tellement faire pareil avec ma copine et vous rencontrer un jour … 3

Exquisite. Will you be releasing the rest? I am sure it is peak eroticism to see you two beauties share his cum!

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