a good performance of EvanJudsonShoots in Mornings Blow 01 – Luna Star

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That’s no blowjob. That’s what I call a “souljob.” It really looks like she’s sucking the soul out of you.

the dude nuts halfway thru the video, but she keeps going. she’s a national treasure

Only Pornhub video that deserves to be at 100%…. Hands down wouldn’t change a thing..

I’ve gotten head from white girls, black, Asian but no one tops latina blow jobs.. They know how to take care of a man’s cock.

And if your real lucky, you get a nice home cooked meal after. God I love my latina girl.

Everytime I watch Luna suck dick it’s like watching a work of art being made, she’s just fucking amazing

After that I’d imagine every blow job in the future is just disappointing to this dude.

Look, I don’t know if it goes by a point system or double elimination or something, but Luna Star is WINNING PORN! No one has fucked her into submission, yet. Dis chick’s insatiable!!!!

Bro it looks like she made you cum 4 or 5 times! That’s the dream man, to have a girl that blows you until you can’t cum anymore

On a long road trip by myself. Got board of podcast and music so i put this on and jacked off to this while go 100 mph…

i never comment on pornhub but i couldn’t pass without saying that she deserves all porn for this, the bj like this is something as rare as dinosaurs.

My wife did this to a friend of mine after we had a big fight. She had been lusting for him for a while already

Thats one sensationaly mesmerisingly intense blowjob from a wonderful insatiable and beautiful woman.

Instant wife material on the spot! Nothing like a woman that can appreciate and worship a cock like that

Poor content, not a fan. The viscosity of its spit is disgusting. No clothes on before, no clips after, no build up. Mans got 8 finger dick… BARELY. Try shaving more a little more buddy.

Take notes ladies! If this is the only skill in life you ever develop you will never go without. If yall knew what this does to a man, you’d practice for hours every day. Sadly most men have no clue on what they’re missing out on. That first time she gets it into her throat and goes up and down a few inches at a time allowing the head of the dick to go in and out of her throat and you bust past her mouth will change your life forever. This should be on everyone’s the bucket list!

I had a girl one time that would do it up just like this every single time, get mad if I came anywhere but her throat. She was terribly insecure but, I miss her everyday. The orgasm that comes from a throatjob like this can never be explained, honestly it has basically ruined me for life. My girl now is good, she knows what she’s doing down there and she likes when i cum in her mouth… but nothing compares to when it passes into a girl’s throat and she just goes up and down about 2″ at a time..

This is what a professional looks like. There’s a difference between deepthroat and ramming the couch into the back of your mouth as hard as you can without relaxing the throat and letting it slide in… and Luna Star has the difference figured out!

She really said “good guys finish twice”… I would’ve asked her to be my gf after that

Not taking anything from luna she is mosdef top 5 but i know of a chick who is just idk. No words explain it.

Shiit This has to be the best blowjob in the fuckin world seriously i don’t even know how did the guy survived that long and the bj she gave to him that was literally art so Hot!!!

Je crois que si elle me suce comme ça, je ferai comme lui 3 ou 4 fois…
Good video!!!

Holy fucking cumshot dickman ! Luna sure is a Cock and CUM worshiper FUCK ID LIKE TO BE ON THE RECEIVING END

Omg….great body and that’s one of the sexiest I’ve seen But definitely would meet! !!

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