a good performance of Julie Jess in My First Time Anal – 4K POV

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You need more lube when you doing anal a lot more foreplay. By more lubricant I mean loads of it. Clearly it was not comfortable in the video. Try with more lube and you will enjoy it.

I think my problems with getting fucked in the ass is that I’m worried about it not being clean when me and my boyfriend do it

More lube isn’t all it takes..Just because a girl uses a lot of lube doesn’t meant she will “enjoy” it. Anal is something one needs to get used to. The most important thing is that the girl is relaxed and really horny because then the muscles in her ass will relax

Definitely not enough preparation. Takes time to get ready for a big dick in the ass. I only say this because I’d love to see more of her doing it.

Dude needs to read her signs and know when to stop…. If you are going to do anal, spend plenty of time stretching it out with different sized toys and use plenty of lube. Get her in the mood with some foreplay and take her mind off the anal when you are penetrating by kissing her neck, ear lobes, collarbone, chest etc.

I’m 33, I’ve never paid for any porn before. I never saw a more beautiful, perfect girl before. I do hope you will make more anal videos, especially in missionnary, that was amazing! Thanks a lot. Peace.

Ребят, пожалуйста, используйте смазку. Смотреть больно, да и другие пары могут подумать что вот такой вот анал – это норма

get yo macoroni cook that till its almost done then put it in a pot or deeper pan and add cheese milk and plenty of butter. Enjoy my man

Pornhub has made a fortune off of uncircumcised penises. These are the videos no one wants to see, and yet more than half of the viewers don’t know any better

Either this really was her first anal, or she is an amazing actress. Very hot, Julie Jess

The most beautiful video i’ve ever seen… Pls do anal only with only small dildo not with that cock..: i hate cock except mine )

I was kinda hoping she’d at least put a little effort into faking enjoying his fat ass dick tearing open her ass. Do you know what I mean?

She is fucking PERFECT man. Id marry her. Look at that beautiful pussy. Yummmm. Cute face. Amazing. Fuck my life dude. I need money first. Bitcoin will make me rich

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I love a raw ass fuck like that!! made me squirt so hard watching you guys fuck!! xoxo

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