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That’s cause he works out with a box of cookies like “Another one.” “Another one.” “Another one.”

can anyone help? What is the first song the plays when Riley is fingering herself? The porn is great, but fuck! That song sounds even better.

The moment when you see Kendra’s panties wet as fuck when she’s kissing Riley…..Hottest fucking moment I swear!

Riley is getting hotter when she gets older look how she looked when she started porn and look now

Went through the whole process of making an account just to say yes, Its one helluva drug. Better than any sex ever.

i never comment on videos but i felt the need to with this one. absolutely amazing. great plotline, cinematography, everything was fantastic. the girls are so so hot. thank you vixen, this is what porn should be.

I love when girls don’t shave their pussy. I wish more girls in porn would go ‘natural’.

@Felipeyyyyy oof

Vixen has the best story lines. And usually has great actors. And the sex holy fuck its awesome

Riley trying to explain: “Ever since you moved in,…” Kendra: “Stop.”

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Did the girl get waxed at 0:10?? Did he seriously pull a waxing strip off of her lady part naked in the kitchen on the counter. Thats not very sanitary

This is one of the first vixen movies I’ve seen and I love it especially the storyline but also the chemistry they both share

Been my favourite porn video for years. Made an account especially just to comment this x

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Riley Reid has a perfect booty, and this video has a nice storyline lmao I like it

So is getting myself expelled from college for getting your bits out for a camera in the library all i needed to do to fuck Riley Reed.

And this gentlemen and the few ladies here, is why vixen makes the best porn out there

Riley and Kendra are by far the best models on Vixen. Its about time they got together!

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