a good performance of Devils Kos in Sabrina Spice is 18 years old. She got a dick as a present!

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Stop cappin, Devils Kos, that wasn’t the point. You’re just a dumb fuck who forgot to spit out his gum.

That s the whole point. Beautiful cute girl and disgusting not nice guy. Beauty and monster!

She looks like Dustin on stranger things worst part about it is I still jacked off to it God help me

1. Quit chewing gum into the mic you fucking cow 2. Take off the retard bracelet 3. you’re fucking trash at this let me have your job and pull in 20x the views fucking lmao

Ahahahahah lol
Plan on the video :
Beautiful cute girl, and disgusting not nice guy
Plan done

This could have been a good video. Completely ruined by loud chewing and weird breathing

dude chewing gum like you done 22 bumbs is rank and unprofessional ruins video couldn’t get through 2 minutes and Sabrina is a goddess

Уебищно как то. Чавкаешь жвачкой как конь блять

Мне похую твое мнение. Жую жвачку и трахаю. Хочу и буду так делать до тех пор, пока мне нравится.

Cute girl absolutely destroyed by your nasty gum chomping, your over exaggerated breathing and your toothpick for a dick. Please don’t ever appear in your own videos again nasty af…

You ruined what would’ve been a great video by you chewing gum with your mouth open and ridiculously heavy breathing directly into the mic! That’s solo god damn annoying!!!! Please do everyone a favor and never do that again!!!!!

У меня нет камеры. Снимаю на то, что есть у девушек. Мне без разницы на что снимать.

ахахахахах да она вообще такая смешная девченка =)

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